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Programming Services: E-commerce Solutions

Here are a few samples of the different ways we have been able to meet our clients e-commerce needs.

2Checkout cart with

3rd Party Carts

Nurse CEUs Online
Cart: 2CheckOut
This site contains over 100 courses. Coded backend of site to interact with 3rd party shopping cart. Customer selects the course or package they want to take from one of several pages. The individual is then brought to the cart hosted by 3rd party vendor. Once the transaction is complete, the client is taken back to their log-in page where they now have access to the material purchased. Work included coding all pages and developing databases for the courses.

Vixen Creations
Cart: DXCart
This site contains over 530 items. Coded backend of site to interact with 3rd party shopping cart. Customer selects item from one of several main store pages. The individual item page is then displayed. Customer selects color and size from drop down menu. "Add to Cart" brings client to cart hosted by 3rd party vendor. Work included coding all pages, developing product and shipping databases and working with 3rd party user interface to match site look and feel and incorporate client preferences. Database of product inventory maintained in shopping cart database. Shipping charges automatically assessed by UPS, adds user to membership database, verifies charges thru merchant account.

Hand Coded Carts

Cart: hand-coded javascript using cookies
We handcoded shopping cart with almost 200 gallery pages and over 1,000 item combinations available. Costumer clicks on photo in main gallery which pops up a window with product cost and sizes. To order, customer clicks on "order now". An alert informs client of order, and they are then brought to Shopping Cart Contents" displaying current order. Clicking on "order now" brings client to order form, where contents are again displayed.

Baby Abuelita
Cart: hand-coded using PayPal.
Hand coded shopping cart for a limited number of items which are located on one page. Customer adds products to cart. "Move to checkout" leads to the shopping contents. If customer chooses to change the order, the "checkout" page reloads to display new cart contents.

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